Introducing Mariposa Pillow: A New Concept in Sleeping

Of all the the pillows in the World, there’s one that stands above all. Because it was designed to help you sleep soundly, no matter how much noise there may be around you.

It’s called Mariposa Pillow.

It’s unique.

It’s exclusive.

It’s original.

Hypoallergenic and built to shield your sleep from noisy, disturbing sounds: snoring. Emergency vehicles. Next door neighobors. UFOs.

Cover your head, pull down the zipper. And enjoy your sleep.

For a limited-time only, and while supplies last, you can get our Mariposa Pillow at a special discount of $49.99, which includes shipping and handling.

Mariposa Pillow will not invest in expensive TV, radio commercials, or advertising campaigns.

Our only promotional tool would be, YOUR WORD OF MOUTH. Because once you try Mariposa Pillow, you’ll want to share with those you love.


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