Mariposa Pillow
A Brand New Way of Sleeping

Sleep Like Never Before

Get your ZZZs each night with the revolutionary Mariposa Pillow, a patented pillow built so you can wrap your head, providing a cocoon-like environment where you will rest unbothered by your environment — be it a snoring bed partner, reading lights or TV reflections.

Revolutionary New Design

This pillow was designed with one single goal in mind: Helping you make the most of your sleeping hours. Made in USA.  Solidly built with hypoallergenic materials, it will be the smartest investment you’ll make on yourself this year.

Mariposa Pillow

I Wake Up Fully Rested

It the end, it's all about sleeping: with the Mariposa Pillow, no more tossing and turning. You close your eyes and go to sleep. And wake up to face the day's challenges. At $19.99 you may even want to get a second one for your significant other

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